Sunrise over Boise City in the Fall

Downtown Boise

Boise is the capital of Idaho, with downtown being the metropolitan hub of the city.


Every Saturday during the summer, downtown Boise hosts the local farmer market which brings together local sustainable crops and ingredients from throughout the state.There is a little bit of everything ranging from organic produce, locally produced goat cheese, and many other farmers who focus on sustainable agricultural practices. More information about Boise’s Farmers market can be found  at








Every spring break Boise hosts the Treefort Musical Festival which brings together all forms of art as well as local musicians who perform throughout the week. There are artists in all forms, including craft breweries and yoga, and foodies, who showcase their work. This festival is unique and encourages the community to become artists in every aspect of life. More information about the Treefort Music Festival can be found at








The Egyptian Theater is one of the cultural highlights of the city. This theater first opened to the public in the spring of 1927. After many decades of operating the theater was going to be renovated and all of the artwork that has made it so famous was due to be taken down. But Boise rallied and committee was formed to save a preserve the theater. Today the theater hosts many local film festival with the most notable being the Les Bois,  which showcases work focusing on suitability and land preservation. More information about the Egyptian Theater can be found at